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We have begun releasing the newest stable build of our website!

Please report any bugs you find so they can be fixed!

- ContegoPrint Web Staff

Posted on Oct 25, 2013 at 10:02 CDT -05:00

ContegoPrint in the News

Yahoo Finance: ContegoPrint Proprietary Content Licensing now Pending Patent

  • Advanced Platform Laying Foundation for Long-Term Development and Expansion

PRWeb: ContegoPrint Launch taking Wall Street Savvy to Main Street Talent

  • Advanced Platform brings Secure Proprietary Content Licensing and Distribution into the Living Room

About ContegoPrint

ContegoPrint is a revolutionary new software that allows both sellers and consumers to purchase eBooks with safety, simplicity and peace of mind.

Sellers benefit from many things at ContegoPrint, here is just a few things!
  • The peace of mind knowing that your hard work is stored only on our secure servers.
  • Easy to generate serial keys make selling your eBooks a breeze.
  • Ability to manage generated serials in the event of a fraudulent sale.
  • Our seller site has many features to help you manage all of your released eBooks.

Even users have a great experience at ContegoPrint. Account creation is simple and takes only a couple minutes.
Users can purchase eBooks directly from sellers and only require our software the serial to start reading!
As a user at ContegoPrint you can feel safe buying and viewing eBooks sold by others!

ContegoPrint is very reasonably priced for sellers and completely free to users!
This next generation software is unique to ContegoPrint and cannot be found anywhere else.

Patent Pending

How to: Use Our Software


  1. Register your free account here.
  2. Download 'ContegoPrint-Desktop' here.
  3. Add your purchased serial key(s) to your account.
  4. You can now quickly read your eBooks using 'ContegoPrint-Desktop'!


You must apply and be accepted for an account.

  1. Click here to fill out an application.
  2. After your application has been submitted we will review your information.
    We usually respond back within twenty-four hours.
  3. If you were accepted you can begin buying book space!
    You can buy book space in the following increments.
    • One Space - $20.00 USD
    • Three Spaces - $40.00 USD

"7 Layer Protection" vs. Leaking .. and Other Threats

  1. Power in Numbers

    • Our large community has provided us with a database of known troublemakers who are permanently prohibited from accessing this website.
      This prevents them from leaking your book simply because they cannot purchase it!
  2. HWID Protection

    • Our software locks a client's account to their computer preventing them from sharing books with others.
  3. Screen Capture

    • Our software disables the print screen key and many of the screen capture programs that are available.
  4. Watermark

    • Our software puts a watermark over every page preventing users from selling the book as their own.
  5. Accountability

    • Every watermark contains a consumer's unique identification number. If a screen shot happens to be leaked the user will be banned from ContegoPrint.
      We will also provide the owner of the book with the consumer's information so they can take further steps in resolving the matter.
  6. Encryption

    • Our software is obfuscated to prevent users from altering, decompiling or changing any security aspects of it.
  7. Storage

    • All books are housed securely by ContegoPrint. This stops users from accessing your book(s) in any manner other than using our software.
      Additionally, we send only four pages of any given book at a time preventing users from loading an entire book at once.

There are even more security measures in place and more are being added all the time!